Farm waste and effluents


In order to be more economically attractive, the digestion can include, beside the animal excrements ((liquid) manure), co-products whose energy potential is much higher and whose treatment offers an additional income. Numerous co-products varying from food processing wastes to dedicated crops can be used.

It must be noted however that the digestion process does not reduce the nitrogen content. In case the quantity of nitrogen is the limiting factor, specific technologies must be put in place to concentrate the nitrogen to an transportable fraction or to remove it.

Our contribution:

Technical review and technological development
Information and advice concerning the start-up of projects
Organisation of site visits
Technical-economical feasibility studies: characterisation of type and quantities of manure and co-products, installation dimensioning and costs pre-calculation
Assistance during the erection phase : organisation and regulatory aspects
Realisation of preliminary designs, writing tender documents/ project specifications, consultation of suppliers
Process, project survey
Realisation of environmental impact studies
Follow-up of the operation
Research & Development: co-digestion, nitrogen treatment (*), pilot plant research
(*) In collaboration with local partners or specialists if the case arises.