Industrial waste and effluents

Pilot research on the methanisation of whey in a cheese factory
at Romanel sur Morges  ( CH)

Organic solid waste can be treated biologically the same way as domestic organic waste. An interesting alternative however can be the use of this waste for the so-called co-digestion, which is the digestion of waste in a mixture of (liquid) manure or sludge from sewage treatment plants.

Our contribution:

Technical-economical feasibility studies
Set-up of pilot research (*) to test the feasibility and conditions for methanisation
Comparison of treatment processes: technical, economical and environmental
Studies on the specific recovery or use of biogas based on the project characteristics.
Realisation of preliminary designs for the implementation of methanisation units
Realisation of inventories on available digestible products and co-products (investigation, modelling)
(*) In collaboration with local partners or specialists if the case arises.