Yves Membrez
Civil Engineer (EUR-ING)
UTS Expert
EREP Founder and C&O


With 30 year of experience, in advice and realization, he has done more than one hundred projects, mentioned in the EREP’s references.

>> CV - Yves Membrez [pdf] (Only French version)
  Adèle Mottet
Master in Environment Chemistry and sustainable development (MSc)
Project Manager
Head of French office
>> CV - Adèle Mottet [pdf] (Only French version)
  Juliana León
Environment Engineer (EPFL)
Chemist Engineer (HES)
Project Manager
>> CV - Juliana León [pdf] (Only French version)
  Léonore Schaller
Engineer / Project Manager
>> CV - Léonore Schaller [pdf] (Only French version)

  Núria Montpart
Ing. en génie chimique
Docteur en sciences et technologies de l'environnement
Chargée de projets
>> CV - Núria Montpart [pdf] (Only French version)